Safe Paws
Safe Paws (a so-called “Paws”) is a DeFi project designed to maximize shareholder's wealths and giving back to our best friends with paws.
What makes $SAFEPAWS unique?
Beyond tokenomics, we are creating a community driven project. Starting with a small group of people who share a common interest in helping animals. We are looking for the new ways of raising funds in a fun way :D
How the funds are raised?
Every transfer transactions, 10% of tax will be immediately charged and divided into portions which are funds to add back liquidity to maintain $SAFEPAWS value, give back to holders and founder wallet for Marketing, Operational Maintenance and Donations. After the launching phase, there will be a monthly event as all shareholders are joining the vote and result in anonymous donation from $SAFEPAWS to save our paws.
”With $SAFEPAWS, you can give and take at the same time.”
Clearly, these token mechanism would shining Paws and spot us in the middle of the perspective of highly yield investor likewise Safemoon’s model. Unlike Safemoon, we do provide a high quality platform DeFi!!!
“Holding Paws, and participate to the launch project, earning new token”
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