Safe Paws
Paws Promise
We, SafePaws founders, came together to make the different to build the community of paws lovers on Blockchain.
As long as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is still operated, no liquidity will be rugged but we cannot guarantee the $SafePaws price as it follows rule of thumb which is demand and supply valued by our community.
We are here to clarity the used of funds. In normal circumstance,
2% from transaction's tax are transferred to dev wallet. These Paws will never be sold unless Paws supply is under 100,000,000 but will be used for Marketing and Activity with Paws holders.
5% from transaction's tax are used to automatically buy and provide liquidity hold by dev wallet. All new liquidity is used for deflation, Paws will be burnt and BNB is used to buy back and burn.

Donation event

We will use unlocked liquidity to burn for BNB and donate to party chosen by team or community for those who needed most. We are thankful for all holders who involve in this project and make this happen!

Initial Locked Liquidity

Every month 90% of initial locked liquidity will be locked again for 1 more month and 10% of the released liquidity will be used to burn paws and other expenses such as maintenance cost and support developers
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